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What Can Help with

Taming MS Tremors?

When it come to Multiple Sclerosis, taming MS tremors can be difficult at times, but from a natural point of view, there are some things that can help with taming ms tremors that are helpful to a large degree, but it does take time for the natural ways to work, since multiple sclerosis tremors are typically related to either nerve damage or nerve dysfunction.

There are a few different things that are thought to contribute to ms tremors. Multiple Sclerosis attacks the nerves through out the body, often resulting in causing demyelination of the spinal cord, the brain or other nerves throughout the body.

MS tremors are thought to be a result of either damage to the nerves or the nerve signals are scrambled or confused or blocked from reaching their final destinations. The tremors are typically thought to be more of a result of some type of ms nerve damage throughout the body.

The ms nerve damage can either be damage to some part of the brain or damage to a nerve leading to where the tremors occur, or the nerve damage can actually be to the nerve itself that is connected to where the tremor appears in the body. Whichever is the location of the nerve damage, is not as important as finding a way (or ways) to reduce the appearance of the ms tremors (if at all possible).

MS relapses can actually contribute to MS nerve damage, which can also increase ms tremors. If we can find ways to help reduce how frequent and how severe our ms relapses can appear to become, then it is a much easier task to find ways to help things go the right direction, when it comes to finding ways to reduce or maybe even eliminate ms tremors.

Can anything natural help with taming MS tremors?

I have found, that with my own initially severe case of Multiple Sclerosis, that there are some natural ways that can help to reduce the appearance of the ms tremors, in addition to a few other ways that have also been helpful, when I had a much bigger problem with the tremors appearing in the past.

Ways that I have found that have helped to reduce the number and severity of my MS relapses or MS exacerbations include the following:

* Finding ways to reduce ms stress -- I have had a very big problem in the past with stressing out about most things in my life.

Some of us just tend to be more sensitive to the things that go on in our lives, but finding ways to reduce how we tend to over react to stress or stressful situations can make all the difference in how out of control our Multiple Sclerosis symptoms can become and with reducing our MS relapses.

Multiple Sclerosis already sets us up to have an over reactive nervous system. Any type of over stimulation can "short-circuit" our entire nervous systems, which just aggravates MS symptoms and MS relapses.

It is so important for reducing the often terrible effects of MS on our bodies for us to find ways to de-stress.

Unfortunately, when we stress out, this often requires more from our bodies, as far as certain vitamins and nutrients, that help our bodies to deal better with stress.  When it comes to the way that the majority of cases of Multiple Sclerosis over react to stress, it often appears that Multiple Sclerosis and stress can demand even more of the B vitamins, amino acids, calcium, magnesium and other vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that help to calm down our over reactive nervous systems.

When it comes to MS tremors, it appears that our bodies need more magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, B vitamins (of all kinds), in larger quantities, which just add to how severe the vitamin deficiencies that are often present in our bodies already because of the imbalances that Multiple Sclerosis tends to create in our bodies already.

Ways to de-stress can include meditation, tai chi, yoga, relaxation techniques (playing relaxing music, doing yoga breathing or breath therapy), tone therapy, using different types of
Biofeedback (EEG, EGG, Scio and others).

* Finding ways to reduce ms insomnia

Doing yoga, tai chi or meditation can help to relax the mind to make it easier to prepare for going to sleep. The ways that help with reducing stress can often help with reducing insomnia too. Both MS insomnia and MS fatigue can actually add to the severity and frequency of the ms spasms, causing them to actually become worse than they would be other wise.

* Find ways to reduce MS fatigue -- (this isn't the same as ms insomnia, but ms insomnia can also contribute to ms fatigue to some degree).

Ways that help me reduce ms fatigue can include ms diet changes.

Avoid coffee, if -- you already have a big problem with MS fatigue, since it can over-stress the adrenal glands, that can already be over-stressed in most cases of MS fatigue. The adrenal glands help to regulate the "fight or flight" hormone (adrenaline). If the adrenals are already over taxed, this alone can leave you feeling exhausted, but the ms fatigue is so much worse than the adrenal fatigue by itself.

* Determine and avoid things that cause an allergic reaction

Find a doctor that can test you for allergies (food, dust, molds, pollens, etc.) and after you find out what things you appear to be allergic to, avoid the things that cause more severe allergic reactions in your system, since the allergic reactions to things can actually aggravate symptoms of MS.

If you can't find a doctor that can help you to determine what allergies you appear to have a problem with, start keeping a journal and if you see that something tends to cause you a reaction, avoid it the best that you can.  Allergies can include food allergies, chemical allergies, pollen, dust and mold allergies.

If you find that you tend to react to perfumes, after-shave, air fresheners, laundry detergents, or anything that is scented, this may mean that you may also have chemical allergies.  I have found that for me to combat my chemical allergies, there is an amino acid called L-Methionine, that if you take it as a supplement that it can reduce your over reactions to chemical allergens -- BUT I would not recommend taking this supplement without consulting a doctor, especially if you are taking any medications of any kind, since some vitamin supplements do interact with some prescription medications and are not recommended to be taken with medications without consulting your doctor first.

Adding vitamins can help tremendously in reducing ms fatigue, ms allergies and many other over reactions of the nervous system because of the effects of Multiple Sclerosis
-- including B-complex, vitamin B12 and a multi-amino acid complex, along with other vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Since Multiple Sclerosis appears to contribute in a big way to vitamin deficiencies, you should search for a doctor that can test you to see which vitamin deficiencies that you may have, if possible.

Note: ways around taking vitamins and other supplements -- can include juicing fruits and vegetables or grinding whole vegetables and fruits and drinking them to speed up getting more of the vitamins and nutrients into your system more quickly will help to reduce fatigue and help your body to start to repair. Green leafy vegetables like kale are the highest sources of vitamins if you are juicing vegetables  or grinding whole foods.  I add beet and/or beet greens and carrots when I grind foods, because this helps the liver to get rid of toxins better out of the body, which also helps with reducing MS symptoms.

Cutting out saturated fats, especially those in processed foods, labeled as "hydrogenated or partial-hydrogenated" fats of any kind.  These should be avoided, since they have been found to aggravate the severity and frequency of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

Adding essential fatty acids to your diet, including ground flaxseed, fish or fish oils (avoid the fish containing mercury), take evening oil primrose, twice a day.

Magnesium Deficiency -- a more extreme deficiency in magnesium has been found to contribute to a large degree with the appearance, severity and frequency of ms spasms, or ms tremors.

Taking extra magnesium has been found to be one of the main vitamins that can help to reduce or maybe even eliminate ms spasms or ms tremors. Magnesium needs to be taken with calcium and vitamin D to increase its absorption.  Often a typical dose of calcium and magnesium is taken as a 2 to 1 ratio (twice as much calcium as magnesium), but I have found that the more severe my ms tremors or ms spasms become, this means that I have a more severe deficiency in magnesium and I need to take a 1 to 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium (or equal amounts of calcium and magnesium) along with taking vitamin D.

I know this sounds like a huge amount to do, but this has taken me a while to do of adding these things one at time into what I do on fairly regular basis to help give my body more of what it needs to help it to restore, replenish and rebuild the parts that were damaged during my MS attacks and MS relapses.

None of these measures are a quick fix, but my neurologist has verified that the major scarring that I had on my upper spine, when I was first diagnosed with a severe case of MS is totally gone!   My ms tremors disappeared too.  I have had some tremors return, with my most recent ms relapse, but they are gradually going away again as I have returned to doing what I listed above.

If you can find a way to make life style changes that include some of what I have listed above, you just might find that this can help with taming ms tremors or at least reducing ms tremors and over time the tremors with go away as the nerves that have been damaged, as a result of Multiple Sclerosis attacking and damaging nerves throughout the body gradually begin to heal and repair themselves.

If we can find a way to give our bodies what they need to restore vitamin deficiencies, reduce our over reaction to stress, reduce insomnia problems, use dietary changes and adding more nutrient rich green leafy vegetables, fruits, essential fatty acids, adding exercises like yoga that help to exercise our bodies without drastically increasing ms fatigue and work with our bodies to promote healing of the nerves through out our bodies, then gradually over time, the nerves will respond by repairing themselves and help to eventually rid the body of the ms tremors all together.

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