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MS Article

What Happens to

Social Connections 

After being Diagnosed

with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis blogs, multiple sclerosis forumsor Social connections with MS

I don’t know about you, but this is a sensitive topic for me. I have found that in dealing with my own case of Multiple Sclerosis that because my case was so severe at the beginning, I went from being a very socially inactive and a physically active person to someone who was put on the side lines for a while and social interactions just dried up for a period of time. It is
not like I really even had a choice in the matter.

The people that I related to very well before my first major ms attack attempted to still be part of my life at first, but they could no longer relate to me. I could not do the things that I was able to do before the problems that I experienced on a daily basis because of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis that appeared, which I had a very tough time with for the first few years ater I was given the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. My friends mostly evaporated within the first 2 years of me being given the diagnose of Multiple Sclerosis.

It is not that they did not’t really want to be around me any more, I just was so sick all of the time and I was not’t really connecting with what was going on around me anyway. I had severe memory problems after I was first diagnosed with MS and this was very upsetting for me, since I had a very good memory before MS entered my life.

Now that some of my abilities to function have returned, how do I find ways to make social connections again, in spite of the symptoms of MS that I still have trouble with from time to time? Well, social sites do help. Finding others that also struggle with Multiple Sclerosis symptoms is much easier than it was then when I was first diagnosed with MS 12 years ago.

My friends are returning to some degree and to me that makes all of the difference! Isolation is not a good thing for those of us with the Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Don't let MS take away your reasons for you to get out of bed each day. Live life to its fullest, as much as you can, in spite of anything that you are dealing with because of the problems or difficulties that Multiple Sclerosis may have brought into your life.

Don’t despair! No matter how severe or limiting your disabilities or insufficiencies may be because of the struggles that you nay face because of Multiple Sclerosis entering your life, find ways to connect to some type of Multiple Sclerosis support group or find some other of Multiple Sclerosis support network.

Find a Multiple Sclerosis Blog or MS blog that you can subscribe to. Search for Multiple Sclerosis forums or MS forum that can give you a way to discuss what you are the things that you struggle with or help you with coping with MS symptoms.

Locating ms chat rooms and ms message boards can also be other ways of finding online support after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that can help us to cope with the e

Don’t let isolation cause you depression in ms and that just is not worth it. I have been there, where you can feel so isolated and it can make it feel like you are alone in your struggle with MS. But that is not true.

There are so many people that are struggling with the symptoms of MS that if we connect with each other, as much as we can, whether it is in person or on-line, we can support each other, encourage each other and maybe even help each other find ways to help each other with reducing our symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. We don’t have to live in the same part of the world to understand what some one else is struggling with in their own battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

Find some type of social interaction, MS Blog or any way that you can, because it can make all of the difference in helping you to make it through your own battle with MS.

MS SupportMultiple Sclerosis blogs, multiple sclerosis forumsor Social connections with MS

Multiple Sclerosis can result in ms symptoms, that can vary from mild to severe, that can often result in those of us with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis feeling like we are alone and more isolated from the world around us.  The worse your disability becomes, because of MS, the worse the social disconnect can become. 

When the more extreme overwhelming MS fatigue is present, this can make it difficult for us to have the energy to participate in much of the daily or at least weekly social interactions that we were involved in before Multiple Sclorosis entered our lives.  Multiple Sclerosis fatigue can cause our connections with other people to be reduced or even disappear from our daily routine.  Our social connections can also dry up simply because we can not physically do what we were able to do before the symptoms of MS appeared.

 To make matters worse, Multiple Schlerosis can affect our immune systems by making them so much weaker that our bodies have a very difficult time fighting off infections.  With the Multiple Sclerosis immune system
weakening can result in frequent infections
and the infections can often make our whole nervous system seem like it is short circuiting.

If you experience MS fatigue, MS insomnia, have MS balance problems, problems standing or MS walking is difficult to almost impossible on too many days of each week, this makes being around people so much more difficult, since we can even end up needing so much more assistance for us to be able to physically go anywhere.

It is so vitally important for those of us that have been given the Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis to find ways to connect with other people, but depending on our degree of disability because of the MS nerve damage, that often results from Multiple Scerosis, this may not be a very easy thing for us to do.

Because of the increase of social interactions on the Internet, finding ways to connect with others that have been given the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis is becoming an easier task than it was withing the last 10 years. 

The Internet has made it possible for those of us with MS symptoms, that prevent us from going to where people are typically found, for us to develop social connections to other people through what has been come to be known as social sites.  There are many social sites on the Internet that allow us to be able to sign up for free to join the on line communities that they support. 

Connecting with other people, socially can be done in different ways both on line and off line. Below are a few suggestions for possible ways to connect with others with MS.

On line social connections

Social Sites on line

These can include:

to name a few social sites.  There are other social sites, but from what I have read and found that the social sites that are listed here appear to be better suggestions that seem to have less problems that these sites can create for the user.  Social sites can help you to keep from feeling you are alone in your battle with MultipleSclerosis.  Feeling like you are connected to people some where also helps to reduce the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis by reducing the adverse affects of stress on our nervous systems.

When those of us with Multiple Sclerosis stress out over the things that are going on in our lives, whether it is directly connected to the Multiple S or Muliple Sclerosis or not, this can cause our nervous systems to over react.  The over reactions of our nervous systems can cause a ms attack or ms exacerbation, which in turn makes our MS symptoms go crazy.

Other ways to connect on line are subscribing to or joining a MS chat room, MS Blog or a MS Forum.

In my opinion, whichever you choose to join or participate in -- whether it is a blog, chat room or forum -- these all provide valuable outletsfor reducing our feelings of stress and with finding ways to connect with others that can discuss our symptoms of MS.   and with helping us to find out more about Multiple Sclerosis and about what treatments in complimentary medicine (both drug treatments along with alternative and natural ways)

Off line social connections

Those of us with the Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis also have other off line options for finding ways to develop social connections with other people.

This includes:

*  Join MS support groups or Multiple Sclerosis support groups - this does often require us to find ways for us to be able to get a ride or have someone else attend the groups with us for us to attend a support group on a more regular basis (this also assumes that our health is doing well enough for us to be able to attend a group.)

 * Join Local social groups, near where we live, can also be an option.

 * If you are physically able to handle it, you could also volunteer to help out in different community groups or to visit people in the hospital or nursing homes or volunteer to be involved in whatever you would enjoy helping others with.

Who knows, maybe you can help others that can relate to what you are going through with Multiple Sclerosis too along the way.

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