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Can Anything Help

with Reversing

Multiple Sclerosis?

Finding way for helping our bodies with reversing Multiple Sclerosis can be something that sounds like a good idea, but is this an actual possibiltiy for finding ways to accomplish this?

Do you sometimes feel like it is just so tiring, dealing with being sick with one infection or another after you have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, because of the Multiple Sclerosis effects on weakening the immune system?

Do you sometimes feel like you have to work so hard, just to function, some days, even a little like you could before you were given the Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, only to find that you feel like you are getting no where fast?

Do you find, at times, that you can even with having the Multiple Sclerosis that you can push yourself, sometimes too hard, just to accomplish something that you set out to do, even if you started doing it a few weeks ago, but you find that you still haven't accomplished it even now?

Sometimes, we just need to give ourselves a break, when it comes to dealing with the daily battles of Multiple Sclerosis that we can face, when it comes to each of the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis that we can be struggling with all too often. We can sometimes become so frustrated with dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, as well as frustrated with the fact that our bodies are not functioning like they should be -- sometimes on a regular basis, that we just keep trying harder and harder to find a way to sort of force our bodies into functioning as we think they should be functioning.

Instead of becoming so frustrated, because we feel like we are fighting against our bodies, we need to take a different approach that helps us to work more with our bodies to give our bodies more of what they need to help them to rest, replenish our energy or resources and to encourage our bodies to allow them to start to aid in the healing process.

But what can we do to work with our bodies?

Although dealing with the effects of MS on our bodies can be very difficult at times, there are some things that we can do to help our bodies to function better and to help start to reverse effects of Multiple Sclerosis on our bodies. But when it comes to Multiple Sclerosis, there is no quick-fix, as much as we would like to think that there is one.

As more and more studies are being done with more MS patients, it is beginning to appear that it all comes down to MS lifestyle changes. It can be difficult for us to decide what lifestyle changes are needed to help reduce our MS symptoms and to find a way for us to start to recover from the sometimes devastating effects of Multiple Sclerosis on our lives. In dealing with my own case of Multiple Sclerosis, I have been learning more about ways that I have been using for me, that are not only helping to reduce my MS symptoms, but are also helping to reduce the frequency and severity of the ms relapses and ms attacks that can actually make me function even less than I had been already.

So...what are ways that can help with reversing Multiple Sclerosis effects on our bodies?

There are several things, that I have found, that have helped me by reducing the effects of Multiple Sclerosis on my body that have helped me in very noticeable ways.

Finding ways to do the following has been helping reduce my symptoms of MS:

* Reduce our over reaction to stress (both external and internal stress)

* Reduce the effects of insomnia and lack of sleep on my system (vitamins can help, finding ways to relax and de-stress can help tremendously)

* Don't sweat the little stuff!

* Relax -- it's not as bad as you may imagine things to be!

* Finding ways to relax instead of worrying about things most of the time!

*Exercise -- this makes all the difference in how well our bodies can function (Helps improve stamina, energy levels, reduce stress, reduce being keyed up or having a racing mind, improves circulation, improve immunity or reduces infections, improves overall peace of mind, improves cognitive function of the brain and reduces spasticity).

* Re-train myself to break tasks into smaller pieces and spread them out more to reduce how exhausted I can become

* Find a purpose in life! (this helps to reduce setting us up for depression, anxiousness and lack of direction); volunteer to do something...whatever you can do!

* Cutting out trans or saturated fats, including dairy, butter and cream (except extra virgin coconut oil)

* Add good fats back into the diet (extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil), in place of butter

* take vitamins that have been found to help protect the body from the effects of MS attacks -- this can include taking vitamins such as vitamin D, evening oil primrose, adding omega 3 fats to the diet, such as ground flaxseeds, cutting out hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated fa fats adding taking a fish oil supplement, such as cod liver oil, or salmon oil (fish oils, mercury-free of course).

* Take vitamins to help relax the nervous system (calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and B complex, B12).

* Juice vegetables or grind whole foods to boost vitamin levels in my body more quickly (I myself grind kale, beet, carrots and celery).

* Eat more fruit more often to keep my blood sugar more constant.

I realize that these type of changes take time to make and they can be added in or changed more gradually over time, but it is worth making changes that help improve how well we can function.

Although there is no "quick fix" -- we do what we can to regain our lives back again.

This makes all of the difference in the way we function when we do life style changes instead of just changing something temporarily until we can "get things under control some".

Changing what we do, changing how we think about things and allowing ourselves to learn to live life again can help us in a big way to start to promote healing in our bodies.

I have found that  these ways and others can help give our bodies what they need to help to promote reversing Multiple Sclerosis in our bodies.

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