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Multiple Sclerosis Weight Loss:

Does Losing Weight Help Reduce

the Effects of Multiple Sclerosis?

Can Multiple Sclerosis weight loss help reduce MS symptoms or reduce how severe our symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms can become?

Certain types of toxins have been found to increase how much Multiple Sclerosis can attack and cause damage to our nerves throughout our bodies. These toxins are often called neurotoxins, because of their effect on the nerves.  Unfortunately, it has also been found that the more body fat that we have, this can actually help our bodies to store the neurotoxins within the excess fat cells in our body.

Finding ways to help us to lose the extra weight can be a very challenging task, since once the symptoms of MS appear, there are too many MS symptoms that can make it much more difficult for us to lose the weight that we need to lose to help reduce the effects of Multiple Sclerosis on our bodies.

Some of the MS symptoms that can get in the way of those of us with Multiple Sclerosis from losing weight are ms fatigue, ms depression, our over reactions to heat and the way that our bodies can't handle strenuous exercise without it adding to the fatigue that we often already have a problem with.

About 2 years before I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, my first symptom of Multiple Sclerosis that came and went was incredible fatigue.  (This was much more than just pushing it too hard and not getting enough sleep.)  I also had a problem at that point of not being able to lose weight.  No matter how I dieted or tried to eat healthier or no matter how much I exercised and stayed very physically active most days of the week, I just kept gaining weight and I had no idea what was really going on at the time.

I'm not totally positive about this, but there is a strong possibility that the excess weight that I was carrying around with me at the time, just added to accumulating the neurotoxins in my system that just increased how quickly my case of Multiple Sclerosis went down hill very rapidly.

The reason I have this idea at all is because after was initially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, one of my main doctors did some drastic changes on my diet that helped me to lose 110 pounds within 9 months!  I didn't feel as sick as I had with the large number of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms that I had started with after I lost the large amount of weight.

I have done some of my own research, both on-line and off-line that more and more doctors are discussing how Multiple Sclerosis weight loss is becoming more of a hot topic because there has been a pattern emerging that losing the excess weight really does help to reduce  how often and how severe the broad range of MS symptoms that many of their MS patients are experiencing!

So -- what can we do to lose the excess weight for helping with Multiple Sclerosis weight loss?

There are several things that can help, including:

* dietary changes

(cut out sugar, white flour and yeast for at least a year -- you can't cut them out even longer if you are getting good results still)

Just cutting out these 3 things is much harder than you can imagine, but it can help tremendously with losing weight.

After one year of cutting out all of the sugar, you can try replacing the sugar with low glycemic index substitutes, like agave nectar (this is nectar from a plant) or stevia (also plant based, but it has a slight liccorish taste) or using fruit to substitute for the sugar (no sugar added).

Cutting out gluten can also help (wheat, rye, barely, spelt and oats).  Replace the gluten grains with non-gluten grains (whole grains) -- these include amaranth, buckwheat (not related to wheat) millet,  quinoa, rice (whole grain brown rice), teff

Cut out totally all pork products, shellfish (shrimp, crabs, clams, scallops, oysters, etc.) -- these types of meats contain high levels of toxins, including mercury that is known to attack nerves.

Cut out red meats (including beef and lamb) for at least 2 years.  This has been found to help reduce the effects of Multiple Sclerosis on the body.

Add in large amounts of green leafy vegetables to your diet including kale, beet greens, spinach and very green romaine lettuce. Add in beets and carrots to diet -- more raw than cooked.

Add more berries to your diet (high in antioxidants that help to boost the immune system).

The easiest way to add more greens and vegetables to your diet is to juice them or grind the whole food (like with a kitchen appliance that can handle grinding whole foods.  Drinking the kale, beets and carrots can help to get the vitamins and nutrients into your system quicker without over taxing your digestive tract.

Other things that can help with Multiple Sclerosis weight loss can include:

* reducing how we over react to stress

* prioritize what we do each day and break things into smaller tasks, that you want to do or need to do, to reduce how much you overtax your system.

I have listed quite a few things that helped me with losing the excess weight that I carried around with me, when I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that may be able to help you too, but I won't suggest trying all of this at one time.

The best place to start is to cut out sugar, white flour and yeast.  These are tough enough to do on their own.

The main MS diets suggest cutting out or changing much of what else I have listed above in varying degrees, but finding what works for you is the most important of whatever you decide to do for your particular case of Multiple Sclerosis.

I would recommend that whatever you decide to do that you find a doctor, nutritionist or whatever type of medical practitioner that you have access to -- to work with you for finding dietary changes that can help with getting more of your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms under control and reducing your over reactions to stress.

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