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MS Article or Multiple Sclerosis Article :

How Does Multiple Sclerosis

Affect the Memory?

Multiple Sclerosis memory can be very unsettling as they become more severe.  But how and why does this happen?

Because Multiple Sclerosis is known to attack nerves and especially the spinal cord and the brain, which is composed of 80% nerve cells, MS can affect memory in a few different ways.Ms Brain

MS attacks the Blood Brain Barrier or the BBB, which surrounds and protects the brain from heavy metals and other toxins from entering the brain.  MS degrades the Blood Brain Barrier, which results in there being holes in the BBB, which allow toxins to enter the brain and cause confusion and/or damage to the brain.

Because Multiple Sclerosis can cause damage to the brain, that can result in scarring in the brain, depending on where the scarring is found in the brain, this can affect many different functions that the brain performs on a daily basis.

One of the ways that Multiple Sclerosis can affect the brain is to cause ms memory problems.

Multiple Sclerosis can affect the memory is as follows: 

* Short Term Memory can be affected – this means that you may not remember what you did 5 or 10 minutes ago or you can’t remember what someone just said to you. Short term memory tends to be more easily affected by damage to the brain, although this isn’t always the case. 

* Long Term Memory – if the scarring in the brain is more severe, this can even affect how well you remember things from longer ago (like 5 to 20 years before you were diagnosed with MS.  Loss of long term memory is less often a problem with MS, but this depends on where the scarring in your brain is located.

* Organization Problems – this can be a result of not remembering what you are planning on doing the next day or within an hour from now.  Writing a “To Do” list may not even help because you may even forget that you wrote yourself a list to help remind you of things. This can be un-nerving if you were often very organized before MS entered your life.

* Forgetting people – this can be a problem if you can’t remember people that you knew previously.

 * Forgetting past events – this can be a problem, since your friends can even remind you of shared memories that you have with them from the past and you may not even remember the event at all.

 * Forgetting the details of past events – even if you were good at remembering the details of past events in your life before MS, the scarring in your brain may even make it so that you can’t remember details from the past events in your life.

 What can help to restore ms memory?

 Is there anything that can help improves ms memory and can the brain be retrained?

Finding ways to help to retrain, restore and redevelop new neural pathways can help to help repair or at least restore the apparent loss of memory because of multiple sclerosis.

Sometimes when our memories are affected because of Multiple Sclerosis, it is more like our memories were just temporarily misplaced or confused, like when you forget where you put your car keys.

But with the more severe cases of Multiple Sclerosis, there can actually be damage to the neurons or nerve fibers in scattered or concentrated locations through out the brain.

When this happens, it can become a problem recovering these memories, much like when a back up disk that we use to store our files on is corrupted, so that the files are not able to be read or recovered.

In some of the cases of Multiple Sclerosis, the memories do recover to a large degree, but sometimes certain memories don't seem to be recovered or returned to us over time.

Although we sometimes lose some of our past memories because of the lesions or scarring that Multiple Sclerosis can cause to the brain, our brains have been found to be able to be exercised, like exercising muscles, to recover more of the ability of our brains to function better again.

If we can find ways to do what we can to help to retrain our brains and help to recover more of our brains to function better again, this can also help to improve how well our bodies over all can function.

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