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Multiple Sclerosis Season Changes:

How do the Season

Changes Affect those of us

with Multiple Sclerosis?

How can Multiple Sclerosis season changes affect those who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis?

Season changes include Spring and Fall, when the outdoor temperature, and other weather becomes so much more unstable, so that it fluctuates much more between day time and night time temperatures. Season changes can have a huge impact on those with Multiple Sclerosis because of a few different reasons.

Season Changes can contribute to making Multiple Sclerosis symptoms much worse, as well as, trigger or aggravate MS exacerbations and ms relapses. During season changes, those of us with Multiple Sclerosis can have much more problems with ms fatigue, more problems with getting more intense infections more often, have problems with getting rid of each infection, or have problems with more exacerbations and relapses of our Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

During season changes, those of us with Multiple Sclerosis can have much more problems with ms fatigue, more problems with getting more intense infections more often, have problems with getting rid of each infection, or have problems with more exacerbations and relapses of our Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

This also means that basically season changes  can make the people with Multiple Sclerosis feel much worse, compared to most other times of the year, which can also result in those with MS being able to function much less.

Season changes are often very difficult for me,  when it comes to my own case of Multiple Sclerosis, since I often can not adjust fast enough to temperature changes (when it is 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit) difference between nighttime  and daytime temperatures or the times when it is warmer one day and colder the next day, where the temperature changes by 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit within a shorter period of time (within 2 to 3 days).

For those of us with Multiple Sclerosis Season changes are very stressful and weakens the immune system to start with.  Other people, that have not been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, also go out much more during the season changes to be around other people, even if they just got over being sick, or if they are not quite over being sick with some type of infection or the flu that their bodies have been battling against.

The season changes are also the times of the year, where everyone else around us is getting sick.  The people without Multiple Sclerosis can be carriers or viruses or bacteria and even though they may not be showing any outward symptoms of being sick, they can pass on a virus or bacteria infection very easily to those of us with the weakened immune systems because of Multiple Sclerosis.

This is a worse problem for those with Multiple Sclerosis, than other people, because of our weakened immune systems because any one that we are around that is a carrier of the flu, cold or whatever other sickness can give it to us so much more easily.

 To avoid the problems with Multiple Sclerosis season changes (fall and spring), I avoid going out to be around people at these times of year and I take extra vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc to boost my immune system and prevent me from ending up with a cold or the flu or whatever anyone else may have that I can catch from them.  I also find that cutting sugar and things made from white flour can help tremendously to prevent how sick I tend to become during season changes, since sugar and white flour are known to weaken the immune system.

I tended to get the flu 20 to 30 times each year for the first few years after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I learned the hard way that I was better off avoiding being around other people for at least 2 months, as much as I could, after the more extreme temperature changes started that are often associated with spring and fall.

Because of the freezing temperatures in Fall and the large temperature fluctuations, during this season, this sets every one up for becoming sick more easily, but it is much worse for those of us with Multiple Sclerosis.  I find that Fall is the worst season for me, as far as how severe it causes my MS symptoms to become.

Resting more and finding ways to reduce stress on our bodies are more important to focus on doing the season changes to help work with our bodies to do what we can to help boost the immune system, boost the natural ability of our bodies to produce more stem cells and give our bodies a chance to keep from entering a vicious cycle of getting one infection after the other.

 I find that for me, the vicious cycle of getting one infection after the other is a much bigger problem during season changes.

I think we can curb how many times within the 2 to 3 months around the season changes that we end up with more infections and with setting up our bodies for more MS exacerbations and MS relapses if we really go to the effort to change our routines.

Reducing MS depression and ms anxiety during season changes can also help to boost the immune system.  Finding ways to connect with other people on-line can help to reduce the loneliness and isolation that we can up feeling during the season changes when we do what we can to avoid being around other people that more often not are sick and get us sick from being around them.

Ways to connect with people on-line can include visiting any of the social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.) or getting involved in discussions on-line at ms blogs, ms forums, ms chat rooms or any place on-line that you can ask questions.

Season changes can be difficult for those with Multiple Sclerosis, but with some planning ahead and with doing some of the things that are suggested in this article, we can reduce how difficult season changes can be for us.

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2009. All Rights Reserved.