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MS Article or Multiple Sclerosis Article:

Reducing Multiple Sclerosis

Nervous System Effects

When it comes to Multiple Sclerosis nervous system dysfunctions contribute to the majority of the symptoms of MS.

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder, where the body attacks itself as if it is a foreign invader that it needs to defend itself against.

Multiple Sclerosis is known for attacking the central nervous system and causing scarring or lesions that can be seen on mri tests, which are used for determining if Multiple Sclerosis is the culprit for the set of symptoms that the patient is experiencing.

Multiple Sclerosis is most often seen to cause scarring or damage to the myelin sheath along the spinal cord or cause scarring or lesions through out the brain.

But, according to MS research, there are more ways that are being discovered that work more with the body to help work with our natural mechanisms to reverse more of the Multiple Sclerosis nervous system effects, than were previously thought to be possible.

More doctors are also turning to alternative and natural ways for working with the body to help reverse more of the Multiple Sclerosis nervous system effects.

We have found that in our own case of Multiple Sclerosis that there are alternative and natural ways that can help to reduce both how severe and how frequently the symptoms of MS can become.

Changes that help with reducing the over reactive nerve response of Multiple Sclerosis can include:

* Changing our diets

Although a few different types of diets have been recommended for reducing the symptoms and effects of Multiple Sclerosis, the main points of most diets appear to:

-- cut out overly process fats (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated or trans fats)

-- add more leafy greens, berries and other fruits and vegetable diets

-- reduce  the amount of red meats that are eaten (as a percentage of the amount of food eaten daily)

--  reducing or maybe even cutting out dairy products

-- add more plant based proteins like nuts, seeds and legumes to your diet

-- add eating more of the  unsaturated or good fats (like extra virgin olive oil, nut oils and most plant based oils that are liquid at room temperature).

* Restoring vitamin deficiencies and nutrient imbalances through out the body through juicing, grinding whole foods or eating more nutrient dense foods more often, like eating extra greens like chard and other green leafy vegetables and berries, that are high in antioxidants (like blueberries).

* Reducing MS stress

There are many ways to reduce stress, but meditation, yoga, tai chi and chi gong tend to be more effective ways to reduce stress.

Yoga breathing, deep relaxing breathing and focusing on slowing down your breathing can help to relax your nervous system and reduce stress and it doesn't cost anything to do either.

* Exercising to help strengthen muscles and help redevelop nerve pathways to help our bodies start to function again. 

Exercise, done with people with Multiple Sclerosis, helps to rebuild muscle, retrain the brain, redevelop nerve pathways, increase stamina, boost the immune system, increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain and the rest of the body.

* Detoxifying our bodies

Removing chemicals from what we eat or drink, as well as taking chlorella and other herbs to help remove the toxins in our bodies makes a huge difference in reducing the over reaction of nerves in MS.

Reducing internal and external stress that you feel

Over reactions to stress (both internal and external stress) have been found to trigger relapses, attacks and exacerbations in MS.

Unfortunately Multiple Sclerosis tends to set us up for an over reaction of our nervous systems to most stimulation.

Finding ways to reduce your over reaction to stress can make a very big difference in how severe or how frequent MS attacks and the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis can become.

* Start interacting socially again

Finding ways to be around people and be involved in doing more things with other people can help to keep you from getting depressed and giving up on yourself with you recovering more from each MS attack.

MS research has shown that in the majority of cases of Multiple Sclerosis that after each MS attack, that the body produces more repair cells that get busy starting to repair some or most of the damage that is a result of each MS attack.

We can work with our bodies to speed up this process by getting more rest, since when we rest when we sleep, this helps our bodies to produce more stem cells naturally, which are the repair cells for the nervous system.

MS sleep disorders can also be a consideration, since more people are being diagnosed with sleep disorders, like sleep apnea, and Multiple Sclerosis can set you up for sleep apnea, because of the Multiple Sclerosis nervous system can become so confused and even damaged from the MS attacks.

Being sent, by your doctor, for an overnight sleep study can determine if there is a sleep disorder, like sleep apnea, or some other type of sleep disorder that may be interfering with you being able to rest at night.

MS insomnia is also another consideration, but is becoming seen more often that there is some type of sleep disorder present that is contributing to the Multiple Sclerosis insomnia.

Reducing stress by being more involved with people can help with boosting our stem cell production too by helping to reduce the stress that we feel and help to reduce anxiety and depression, which taxes our nervous system even more.

How can we be more actively involved socially if we are not able to walk well or if we can't walk and use a wheelchair to get around?

Try the following (whatever you can find that you can do):

* volunteer somewhere

It can be at a hospital, at a nursing home, at a research center.

* Join a social group

Get involved in your church, synagogue, mosque or where ever you would enjoy getting together with people.

* Join a support group

This can help you with being able to talk out anything you want to talk about, when it comes to dealing with what you are going through because of Multiple Sclerosis.

Talking things out can help.

* Join an on line social group

This can help with talking things out, but sometimes it helps more when you see people face to face when you are talking with them.

Somehow the face to face helps more for helping to relate to other people, who are also dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and sometimes others with MS can give you some tips that helped reduce some of their symptoms that can help you too.

 The good thing about joining an on line social group is that you can connect with people in other countries that have been through something similar to what you have been through because of Multiple Sclerosis and you don't have to be able to travel there to talk with them.

On line social groups are also good if you are more disabled from Multiple Sclerosis and traveling is too difficult for you to do.

* Help Others

Helping other people, where you can, can make a big difference for you too.

Somehow, when you help lift someone else's spirit, this helps you tremendously too.

It is often too easy for us to become focused on what we can't do, rather than focus on what we can do.

Our point of view makes huge difference on helping our bodies to recover from Multiple Sclerosis nervous system attacks.

To look on the positive side can be difficult at times, but find someway that you can do this, whenever you can, because this makes a big difference on helping your body and your nervous system to repair from the damage Multiple Sclerosis can cause.

What has been discuss on this page can't be done all at once, but you should add once thing at a time, as you can do it, to increase how well your body and your nervous system can recover from the effects of the MS attacks.

It will take some time for you to see things reversing, but as you add more and more of the  things, listed in here, these things can help to reduce the stress on the nervous system and help work with your body to start to heal itself and help you to recover more of your abilities to function again.

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