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MS Article or Multiple Sclerosis Article:

Reversing Multiple Sclerosis Neuropathy

or MS Nerve Damage Naturally

Using Vitamin B12? 

Are there ways to reverse or repair Multiple Sclerosis neuropathy or MS nerve damage?

First of all, what is neuropathy, when it comes to Multiple Sclerosis?

Neuropathy in Multiple Sclerosis is a condition where the nerves become damaged or deteriorated in some way, which interferes with the nerve signals traveling throughout the body as they should.

Since over 70% of the human body is made up of nerves, and the nerves send instructions throughout the body to tell the different parts of the body how to work, any kind of attacks to the nerves can make a huge difference in how well your body can function.

Multiple Sclerosis is known for attacking the mylein or fatty tissue along the spinal cord and/or throughout the brain, causing scarring or lesions to result.

But did you know that people, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis are often very deficient in vitamin B12, which can also cause nerve damage or neuropathy to result too?

When it comes to reducing nerve function problems with Multiple Sclerosis or with reducing peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage in MS is there anything natural or alternative that can help to reverse the damage to the nerves, or at least reduce the problems with the nerves functioning?

That is one of the big questions, when it comes to Multiple Sclerosis.

I have been searching for something myself, when it comes to reversing or at least reducing the peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage or nerve function problems, which my doctor has told me for several years that I have had a major problem with, since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

I am excited to say that I think I found something that is helping to reduce the nerve function problems in my legs, feet, hands, and arms in many ways.

What is it that can help?

Vitamin B12 is a natural way to help repair nerve least that is what information I found, while doing my own research for searching for something to help reduce the nerve function problems that I have been experiencing for 14 years.

I am so excited to let you know about what I am finding that taking a higher dose of vitamin B12 is helping with, when it comes to Multiple Sclerosis neuropathy or MS nerve damage.

I have had several problems with my nerves not functioning as they should because of the effects of more severe Multiple Sclerosis attacks on my body, which taking the higher doses of vitamin B12 has been helping to reduce.

Taking extra vitamin B12 has helped me in the following ways:

* Numbness greatly reduced in my legs, hands and feet

* Feeling returning much more in my feet, legs and hands

* Standing up better

Nerve function in legs is returning again, so that my knees don't collapse as much when I try to stand up and let go.

Not able to stand for a few years but starting to be able to stand up and let go again

Weakness on one side of the body greatly reduced

I had a big problem with this most times for a few months after each MS attack, but it is most of the way gone, where it is much more even as to how one side of the body functions, when compared to the other.

It hasn't been this good, most of the time, since I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 14 years ago!

* Hands working better

Able to pick up and hold things much better without dropping everything on the floor

Able to control my hands better for activities that require having better dexterity or fine finger movement.

Much less hand spasms

* Vision fogginess or haziness cleared up

Vision much crisper and clearer

Much less floating fuzz in vision

* Balance improving when standing

I had very little balance for a long time (a few years) and that is starting to improve more.

* Dizziness or lightheadedness greatly reduced when trying to stand up

The dizziness or lightheadedness when I stand up is most of the way gone most times that I stand up, since I started taking the higher dose of B12, along with B complex.

* Reduced MS fatigue

Taking B12 has been increasing my energy levels during the day and making it so that I sleep better at night.

* Reduce Brain Fog

Felt spacey and like I was in a heavy fog before and couldn't find my way out.

Taking the higher dose of B12 has made it so that the brain fog has disappeared most days, when it was present most of the time before.

* Speed Up Brain

Thinking more clearly, since taking higher dose of B12.

Before I was thinking very slowly and thinking through things was much more difficult, but think is so much easier now than it was and I can think through things much more quickly.

* Thinking more clearly

When I am doing better and the MS symptoms aren't taking over, I am able to write, but lately that has been much more of a struggle most days, until I started taking the higher dose of B12 each day.

Although it has only been 2 weeks, since I started taking the higher dose of B12, I see a drastic improvement in brain function and how well I can think through things now, without it being a major effort, like it was before.

All of these good effects on reducing the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis neuropathy and MS nerve damage and on improving how well my nerves are functioning in many ways are major improvements that I have noticed, since I started taking the higher dose of vitamin B12  daily for only 2 weeks!

I didn't take the extra B12 on my own, but rather I have been working with my doctor every step along the way.

It is not recommended that you try taking even vitamin supplements, without the supervision of at least one or more of your doctors, since prescription medications can interact with some vitamin supplements.

Also, depending on what other conditions you have along with the Multiple Sclerosis, it may be that some vitamin supplements are not recommended for you to take by your doctor.

The reason this information is being provided to you is to give you an option of something that you can discuss with your doctor, which may be something that can help you too, to find relief to some or even many of the problems that you are facing, when it comes to how Multiple Sclerosis attacks has reduced how well your nerves can function.

Also, not all forms of B12 are absorbable.

Methyl B12 is a better absorbed form of B12.

In addition, taking tablets and capsule forms of B12 and swallowing them is not very effective, since these forms of B12 are not easily absorbable either.

Sublingual forms of B12 work much better, since the B12 is dissolved under the tongue, so that it absorbs directly into the blood stream.

Vitamin B12 needs to be taken with B complex too, since the B vitamins should not be taken separately, since doing so can cause a much worse deficiencies in other B vitamins too.

Also, if you have been found to have higher levels of the toxic metal mercury in your body, then it can be much more difficult to find a form of B12 that you can tolerate, since higher levels of mercury can interact with many forms of B!2.

The form of B12, that I have found that I can tolerate taking, that is also more easily absorbed, is NOW brand Instant Energy B12.

I take 2 packets a day, mixed with water (with each packet containing 2,000 mcg or 2 mg of B12, along with other B vitamins and 200 mg of chromium piccolinate.

I take additional B complex twice a day, to reduce the risk of creating further vitamin deficiencies in other of the B vitamins, while taking the higher doses of B12.

I also take extra chromium, 1 cap twice a day of chromium polynicotinate, since this form of chromium is more absorbable with causing less stress on the body.

My doctor works closely with me and I am under his supervision for all supplements and medications that I take daily.

My doctor and I are excited about the results that I have received so far from taking the higher dose of B12 on reducing the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis neuropathy or the MS nerve damage.

Both my doctor and I are looking forward to seeing how the longer term effect of the taking higher doses of B12 helps with possibly even reversing more of the Multiple Sclerosis peripheral neuropathy or MS nerve damage to the hands,  arms, legs and feet in the future!

We do not sell vitamins, but we have found that for us certain ones are better tolerated by us and help much more for us to gain the benefits that are helping to reduce the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, that we more severely suffered with previously.

Do not attempt to take any supplements on your own without medical supervision, since some vitamin supplements can interact with prescription medications or are can be not recommend for certain other conditions, which may also be accompanying the Multiple Sclerosis, for your particular case of MS.

The information provided here is only provided to assist you with the supervision of your doctor to consider further ways to help reduce the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, which you or someone that you know or love may be struggling with.

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