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A New way of 

Treating Multiple Sclerosis?? 

Since a new development how Multiple Sclerosis recently was announced, this may potentially suggest a new MS treatment, that wasn't a consideration previously.

This may also mean that the way that Multiple Sclerosis is approached and the whole notion that as Multiple Sclerosis being a autoimmune disorder (where the body becomes confused in some way where it attacks itself) may change in the future.

This may change that way that the medical community around the world approaches and treats Multiple Sclerosis in the future, although we will have to wait and see where this new idea leads next.

Dr. Paolo Zamboni, a vascular surgeon, in Ferrara Italy came up with a procedure, based on his findings with working with MS patient in a 2 year study that was conducted in Ferrara Italy on 120 MS patients.

Dr. Zamboni found that the MS patients were found to have elevated levels of iron in the brain.  This lead to more testing for possible venous insufficiency to blood flow to the brain in the MS patients.

Using ultrasound testing, Dr. Zamboni discovered that the MS patients had partial blockages or restricted blood flow to the blood vessels in the neck and upper chest, which restricted blood flow to the brain.

Dr Zamboni developed a MS treatment procedure that opened up the blood flow to the brain, which was named "The Liberation Treatment".

The MS patients that were found to have restricted blood flow to the brain under went the new surgical procedure and within 6 months of the procedure 73% of the patients reported improvements with reducing their MS symptoms as well as the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, including some more remarkable effects of showing improvement in how well the MS patients were functioning after the under going the surgical procedure.

Additional studies will need to be performed to determine if the majority of MS patients have the restricted blood flow to the brain, that Dr. Zamboni found was present with the MS patients from his study group, but the idea sounds very promising for those with Multiple Sclerosis at this point.

Clinical trials will need to be conducted to determine if this procedure is safe and effective for the MS patients that are found to have the restricted blood flow to the brain, before a large scale application of the procedure can be applied to more MS patients.

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