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MS Article or Multiple Sclerosis Article:

MS Tip: A Tip for Reducing Pain,

Fatigue and Brain Fog, Often Appearing

After Using Injectable Drugs

for Multiple Sclerosis

MS tip from other people, who have also been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, can often be invaluable with helping us to find better relief to our MS symptoms, because they themselves are also dealing with many of the same or similar MS symptoms as we are experiencing ourselves.

A MS tip was recently passed on to me from someone with Multiple Sclerosis that may help those of you that are using one of the injectable drugs, which are often prescribed for helping to reduce MS symptoms.

We have asked her permission, for us to be able to pass this information on to those of you, who are also currently using one of the injectable drugs to help to manage your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, in the hopes that it may help those of you, who may also be battling with similar experiences yourself.

This is what she has found that has helped to reduce the ms pain, ms fatigue or th ms brain fog, that often occurs within an hour or so after she takes her Avonex injection.

Six months ago, Rhelda started eating 2 large baked beets (seasoned any which way that you like with olive oil/water) 4-6 hours after injecting her Avonex (once per week) and yes this will turn your urine and stool red, but don't panic, it's normal.

She reports that after 2 months of doing this that she noticed that she had more energy, stopped taking naps, the pain was gone during the week (from the injection at the injection site) and the Avonex flu-like symptoms were cut in half and not as severe.

On top of this, the brain fog wasn't as bad and she started to notice that she stopped dropping things, like she had been doing.

If you have any other questions for her, Rhelda gave me permission to provide you with her email address. If you would like to contact Rhelda, you can email her at

I hope this MS tip helps you to find relief to the
ms pain, ms fatigue or ms brain fog or other symptoms that can accompany after the use of the injectable drugs that are often prescribed for use with Multiple Sclerosis for attempting to reduce MS symptoms.

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