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MS Article or Multiple Sclerosis Article:

MS Brain: How Does

Multiple Sclerosis

Affect Brain Function?

What kind of MS Brain function problems can result from the scarring that Multiple Sclerosis can cause to the brain?

Multiple Sclerosis attacks and damages the spinal cord, the brain and other parts of the Central Nervous system.  Depending on where the scarring or nerve damage ends up, this can affect how our bodies can function.

Multiple Sclerosis is considered an autoimmune disorder, where the body becomes confused and attacks itself, as if it is a foreign invader that the body needs to defend itself against.  MS is known for attacking the nerves, and especially the myelin sheath along the spinal cord and various parts of the brain.

Our bodies are at least 60% nerves and our brains are at least 80% nerves and because of this, Multiple Sclerosis can affect many parts of our entire bodies.  The myelin sheath, along the spinal cord and the brain are the 2 main areas of the body that Multiple Sclerosis often attacks.  Multiple Sclerosis or multiple scarring can also be a result through out other nerves throughout the body, but the ms tests do not detect the other scarring throughout the body as well as it can be detected in the brain on the spinal cord.

When Multiple Sclerosis attacks the body, it causes scarring or lesions along the spinal cord, throughout the brain or possibly even scarring in other nerves through out the body.  A MS MRI brain scan can be performed to determine how much ms scarring can be seen in he brain on the test results.

Multiple Sclerosis lesions are the scarring that can be seen on mri test results, which are a characteristic of MS that is present in most cases of MS. Depending on where the MS lesions, MS scarring, or MS nerve damage ends up, this can affect many bodily functions and systems throughout the body.  When the scarring or lesions are present throughout the brain, this can result in many more ms symptoms, that can affect how well we function on an intermittent basis or on a more consistent, daily basis.

MS attacks can affect the MS brain in many ways that can decrease how well our brains and our bodies function.  MS attacks the myelin sheath along the spinal cord, which results most often in demyelination of the spine, that results in scarring replacing the myelin, so that it can no longer do its job of protecting the spinal cord as it should.

Multiple Sclerosis can also attack the myelin throughout the brain and cause ms scarring, ms lesions or ms plaques scattered through out the brain.  Once the ms brain is evaluated doing a brain mri ms can be diagnosed through evaluating the brain and the spinal cord to determine if Multiple Sclerosis is present.

Once the ms brain is attacked all kinds of symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis can result  problems, s that can result from the scarring that ms can cause to the brain is a group of symptoms called cognitive brain function problems.including ms memory problems, ms cognitive brain function and other ms symptoms.

MS Brain function problems that can result from Multiple Sclerosis attacking the brain or the spinal cord can include any of the following:

*  Comprehension problems  – having difficulties with understanding what is going on around you; consciously and unconsciously comprehending what is going on in the world around us becomes more difficult.

*  Thought Processes are interrupted more often - reasoning through things enough to draw conclusions from the observations that you make about what is happening in a given situation becomes more difficult.

* Decision-Making problems – it becomes more difficult with making a decision about something.

* Planning things ahead of time becomes more difficult

* Reasoning becomes more difficult - reasoning through a situation, circumstance or through information becomes increasing more difficult.

* Learning becomes more difficult

*  Remembering or ms memory becomes worse.

* perception is altered – it becomes more difficult you to interpret what is going on around you or for you to make sense of what is going on around you.

* understanding concepts becomes more difficult

* making sense of the world around you can become more difficult

* ms memory problems - can become worse - if this becomes severe enough, it can become more difficult to remember way people say to you or what you did just 15 to 20 minutes ago.

* MS cognitive problems - can be mild to severe and when they become severe enough it can become harder and harder for you to function
on your own without needing much more assistance to do the daily activities to take care of yourself that we often take for granted that we can do for us to take care of ourselves and our families.

* ms personality change - this can occur sometimes, depending on which part of the brain is where the ms lesions are found.  If the brain scarring is more severe, this can sometimes dramatically change the person's personality to a larger degree, but this isn't always the case.  This is a result that is not seen very often in the majority of the cases of Multiple Sclerosis.  Personality changes might occur at times, depending on which part of the  brain is affected and to what degree the scarring has disturbed 

Head trauma can also result in personality changes and the doctor must determine which condition is present.

What can help those with MS that have scarring in the brain to help the body to  start to repair the ms scarring in the brain?

Well, I have found that with my own case of Multiple Sclerosis, with the scarring the brain that a few things do help the body to start to reverse the damage that has occurred because of MS

Ways to help our bodies fight back against MS brain function problems can include: 

* Dietary changes - cut out saturated over processed fats and add in health oils and foods to help restore balance the amount of essential fatty acids that need to be include in the daily dietary intake.

*Adding certain supplements -  to replenish vitamins that are deficient or depleted that the brain needs to aid in repairing and reconnecting neurons in the brain that help it to function more like it should be functioning. 

* Exercise – certain types of exercise can actually help to reprogram the brain and help the brain to start to function better again.  Exercise and intense physical therapy are known to help to redevelop neural pathways through out the brain that help retrain the brain and reconnect the different parts of the brain so that they start to function better and learn to communicate with each other again.

There are certain Brain Exercises that I have found that have helped me to function so much better than I did at the beginning after I was first diagnosed with MS that can help you to function better again.

* Reduce Stress - this helps reduce how much the body attacks itself and allows the body to start to repair and replenish the parts of the body that have been damaged because of MS. 

Ways that I have found, by my own trial and error approach, which have helped me with reducing how stressed out I feel so much of the time, include meditation, breath therapy, music or sound therapy, color therapy or chromotherapy, visualization, light therapy, guided imagery,tai chi and yoga

There may be other techniques and methods that can help to reduce stress levels, but these are the ways that I have found that have helped me when I become to over stressed, because of my MS over reaction to stimulation, for me to be able to calm down.  Finding ways to reduce how those of us with Multiple Sclerosis tend to over react to stress can make a huge difference in how well the nerves work in our brains, because an over reaction to stress can actually confuse or scramble the signals of the neurons in the brain as they try to communicate with each other.  When the brain signals become confused or scrambled, this can greatly  reduce how well we can function overall, since the brain is the master controller for the whole body.

Finding ways to reduce our over reaction can make a very big difference in how severe or
how frequent our ms brain functions and how severe our symptoms of MS can become.

There are several natural and alternative ways that can help to reduce how severe the confusion to the signals in the brain can become, after the presence of multiple sclerosis lesions in the brain are already present.

The ways that we have found that can help can include:

*  Remove Saturated fats from your diet and add in the "good" unsaturated fats -- including anything labeled "hydrogenated" or "partially-hydrogenated" on labels of pre-packaged or processed foods.

* Add in "good fats" to diet -- include extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil (unprocessed as much as possible), nuts and nut oils, flaxseed oil and ground flaxseeds to your diet.

* Add Omega 3 oil supplements -- include evening oil primrose, fish oils (mercury-free) black currant oil and vitamin E oil (non-soy where possible) - - this helps to libricate the joints and helps to provide raw materials for helping the body to repair the damage to the myelin sheath over time.

* Reduce stress on the liver to help it to detoxify better -- take milk thistle (herb), take the green sea algae called chlorella reduce caffeine intake (coffee, chocolate), stop smoking and drinking alcohol.  Caffein, nicotine and alcohol are all very tough on the liver.  During the initial healing phases of the MS disease, do all that you can to help speed recovery by reducing the toxic effecof everything on eh eart

* Reduce stress on your system -- meditate, do deep breathing exercises or breath therapy, or play relaxing music to help you to alleviate internal stress.

* Retrain the brain doing brain exercises -- there is software available on the market that help to retrain the brain to help it to function better.  The brain is much more changeable and "plastic" than it was thought to be before.  This means that the brain can be trained to reconnect neural pathways and help it to function better over time.

Doing all that you can to help the brain to function better can make all of the difference in how much your body can function after MS attacks and causes scarring to the brain and/or the spnal cord.

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