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MS Article

How Important is it for

Those with Multiple Sclerosis to

 Find Social Connections?

MS support and MS social connections

How important is it for those with 
M S to Find Social Connections?

As our MS symptoms become worse, and our degree of ms disability increases, is it even a reasonable idea that we can find social connections?

Is the effort worth finding social connections after we have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis?

The answer is -- Yes.

 It is not only worth, after we have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis to go to whatever efforts we need to for us to be able to find ms support or make new social connections with the world around us -- it is  vital  for us to find a way for us to maintain or even forge new social connections with other people around us.

For us to at least to survive or possibly even thrive, while we are going through all of the ups and downs that Multiple Sclerosis has inflicted on our bodies and has brought into our lives, we definitely have to find a way to make social connections -- with both those that have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and those that have not.

We need to do this for several reasons.

=> We need to do this for ourselves.

If we are to survive the really tough days that MS can bring into our lives, we need to know that there are others in our lives that appreciate us being in their lives, in spite of how mild to severe our symptoms of MS can become.

=> We need to find ways to live life again.

I don't know about you, but after MS entered my life, and turned it totally upside down, I was still me to some degree for a period of time, in spite of how sick I really was at the time.  I was a very sociable person before Multiple Sclerosis entered my life and at first, I did not let my severe MS symptoms keep me from finding ways for me to interact with and be around other people any way that I could.

But, after a period of time, I actually became much sicker, after my immune system was weakened, because of Multiple Sclorosis.  After this happened, is when it became so much more difficult for me to function enough for me to be able to leave the house for me to spend time being around other people. I have found, that at least for me, that finding ways to connect with other people socially, is my lifeline.  Without other people being involved in my life, some days I just don't feel like I'm going to survive through all of what I have been through and am still going through, off and on, because of the effects of Multiple Sclerosis on my health.

=> To relieve stress on our systems, for our peace of mind

When those of us with MS stress out over things in our lives, this just adds to making our symptoms worse.  Our over reactions to stress can actually set up our systems for a ms exacerbation or ms relapse to occur

MS research is revealing so much more about how our over reactions to stress, for those of us with MS, can actually stimulate the demyelination of our spinal cords and maybe even our brains, which can result in relapses or exacerbations of our symptoms of MS.

Finding ways to reduce stress helps to calm down our over reactive nervous systems, which often is a result of MS.  Reducing how stressed out we feel can actually help the body and finding ways to relax and rest can actually stimulate stem cells to be produced in our bodies.  This is a way for our bodies to start to repair the damage to the myelin sheath and to the Blood Brain Barrier that surrounds and protects the brain.

This is good news.  This means that if we can find a way to reduce ms stress and ms insomnia, we can help our bodies to repair itself and go into remission or to reverse some of the previous damage that Multiple Sclerosis has already caused to our systems.  Stressing out adds to how sick we feel and possibly to how disabled we can become.

=>  To prevent us from becoming discouraged and depressed.

Being discouraged or even depressed really takes away from the energy that our bodies need to be able to recover, repair or even replenish the systems of the body that have been attacked and/or damaged by MultipleSclerosis.  If we can find a way to work with our bodies and give them what we need then we have a good chance that our bodies can start to heal from the damage that M S has caused to our systems.   After all, our bodies do start to heal some from the damage that Multiple Sclerosis causes to the myelin sheath each time that we do recover some from our more severe MS symptoms.  This is seen as we have periods of time where we appear to go into remission or have a plateau that occurs in how severe our symptoms of MS can become at times.

When we become very emotional or upset so much of the time after we are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, this places large amounts of stress on our bodies. In most cases of MS, the central nervous system becomes very over reactive to most stimulation.  Stress just adds to the over stimulation of the nervous system causing our symptoms of MS to become even worse or to set us up for ms relapses or ms exacerbations.

=>  To help us not to give up.

Our mind set makes all of the difference when we are battling with Multiple Scerosis. When we decide to give up partially or totally, our bodies listen to this and respond by not fighting back against infections to the extent that they actually have in the past.  Our bodies have to keep fighting againse so many things that can assault our bodies from the inside or from the outside that MS can cause.

We need ms support to keep ourselves from getting to the point where we can give up totally. This will help us to free up the energies that would be drained from our bodies by any of the range of emotions that can result with Multiple Schlerosis Our bodies need to be able to relax, de-stress and heal itself.  This is how our bodies do start to produce its own stem cells to start repairing the myeln sheath damage that happed previously.  But if we are allowing ourselves to be upset all of the time, this takes away the energy that our bodies need to heal. 

Because there are many ways to connect with other people because of the Internet, this gives us so many ways and reasons as to why we should go to the effort to find ways to connect with other people.  Even if we can not physically go to where other people are, like if your case of Multiple Sclerosis is severe enough that you are unable to walk and are in a wheelchair, there are still options for us to keep from becoming discouraged and depressed.

We need the ms support or social interactions, however we can develop them for us to keep our sanity, for our peace of mind and to help keep our immune systems strong.  It has been found that ms support and social interactions can make all the difference in us being able to find ways that are more effective for reducing the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

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