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MS Article:

How Do Electrical Disturbances

the Symptoms

of Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis nerve stimulation and Eletrical Disturbances:

Because we live in a world where many different forms of energy patterns are being transmitted around us, this has to impact our bodies in some way, since our bodies are electrochemical in nature. Because we have television signals, radio signals, microwave signals, cell phone signals, computer signals and many other electromagnetic energy signals transmitted by the many different types of electronic devices in the environment that surrounds our bodies, we have many things that our bodies may not be able to tolerate on a daily basis.

Stress and effect of worsening ms:

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) can create disturbances that can influence our bodies adversely on a daily basis. The disturbances that result can include energy drains, energy surges, concentrated energy sources, scrambling of the energy fields surrounding our bodies, among other types of energy disturbances that can assault our bodies often on a daily basis. These are grouped together and called geopathic stress that can definitely affect our health adversely. Unfortunately, the average person may not know as much about this area as we should know about this area of EMFs, because the information about this area of concern is not well publicized or even explained to us much at all. The effects of the electrical disturbances on our body is often called Geopathic Stress because all of the electronic devices that we are around each day can cause our bodies to react even worse to the geopathic stress than to how the body reacts to what we normally call stress.

How does this affect Multiple Sclerosis symptoms?

Simply put, because of the continually increasing number of electronic devices and gadgets that we are around often daily basis this means that our bodies have to put up with a large amoung of geopathic stress.  Because the electronic gadgets and devices are increasing in how many we use or around each dayhat sing in their appearance and use in the world around us, our bodies are being attacked by these frequencies that can cause what is called "free radical damage" to the cells of our bodies. All living organisms give off their own signature frequencies that are characteristic to that living organism. Our bodies have their own signature frequencies

It isn't bad enough that we have so many electronic devices in our homes, offices, businesses, super markets and just about everywhere that we go each day, the increasing number of the devices in the world around us are converting more and more into wireless devices that send signals to another device that it communicates with or that boost or delivers the signal that is being received often to even another location.

All of these sources of electromagnetic disturbances can actually contribute to causing our nervous systems to “short circuit”. Much of the energy disturbances are collectively called geopathic stress on our bodies. Our bodies do look at all of these signals and frequencies as added stress on the body, even for the average "healthy person".

Multiple sclerosis and stress:

In the case of those of us that have been given the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, our nervous systems are already short circuiting and the electrical disturbances add even more stress to our bodies, causing MS symptoms to become even worse than they already are before the added stress and strain on our bodies from the electrical stress is added to the equation. This can increase Multiple Sclerosis fatigue, can affect the MS symptoms and cause or at least aggravate MS exacerbations, causing our symptoms to become much worse.  These electrical or even magnetic disturbances disturb the electrical balance in our bodies and can cause flare ups of our symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis or even cause a MS attack.

We can do several things to give our bodies what they need to help them recover and repair from the damage that Multiple Sclerosis, including changing our diets to help boost our immune systems, sleep more to give our bodies more of an opportunity to replenish and repair, reduce negative thoughts and behaviors in our lives, become more loving and kind towards others, and basically get our lives back on track, but -- what good will this alone do us if our bodies are being bombarded daily with frequencies that our bodies are not meant to be able to handle on a daily basis?

We can do several thing to help our bodies recover from the effects that MS ca already have on our bodies, but unless we can find a way to reduce the effects of EMFs on our bodies, we are just adding to the problems that we are already experiencing because of the symptoms that MS can cause us already.

Because I react very strongly to EMFs myself and this does cause my symptoms of ms to become much worse, or some times the electromagnetic disturbances can even cause a Multiple Sclerosis attack or Multiple Sclerosis relapse, I began to search around to see if there is anything available that could help to neutralize many of these frequencies to reduce the bad effects that I had from them. After all, most of us have computers, cell phones and other electronic devices that we work with or use often on a daily basis. Should we just throw them all out and go back to the stone age technology of the past?

I think that is a little extreme, if there is a way to make it so that these frequencies that cause more stress on our bodies can be neutralized so that they don't affect those of us that already have the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis to contend with.

What I found is something called a Q-link that is on a necklace that you wear around your neck that helps to neutralize the frequencies that can scramble the signals that your heart and other parts of our nervous systems in ways that can help to reduce or prevent a Multiple Sclerosis exacerbation from occurring.

I have found ways to reduce the effects that energy disturbances that electrical disturbances cause to our bodies that have already been affected by MS.

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