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Electromagnetic Frequencies?

When it comes to what causes Multiple Sclerosis, there is a lot of speculation, as to what causes Multiple Sclerosis.

But, when it comes to dirty electricity, electrical disturbances or electromagnetic frequencies, there have been a few studies and more extensive research done over the past several years, which appears to be showing that there s much more of an influence on causing or at least contributing to making the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis much worse.

Because Multiple Sclerosis sets up the nervous system to short-circuit very easy, the electrical stimulation, that can bombard the body from the electrical devices you are around most days of the week, can cause the MS nerves to become "stuck" in over drive, which can make the nervous system short-circuiting even worse.

When it come to what causes Multiple Sclerosis, electromagnetic frequencies can be one of the many possible causes, to the symptoms of MS, based on studies and research that is currently available about the topic.

During my own search into this topic, I did find a few reports, which at least suggest that using filters and other devices, can help to significantly reduce the impact of electrical frequencies on how they can affect people, who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

For your convenience, there are a list of a few of the links to the reports, that I found, in my own journey to understand more about how electrical disturbances can contribute to the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

My hope that the information below is helpful to you, in finding out more about the effects of electromagnetic frequencies and "dirty energy" on Multiple Sclerosis, as well as information about ways to help reduce their effects on Multiple Sclerosis.

Biological Effects of Dirty Electricity - Emphasis on MS.pdf
A (published) study about the biological effects of "dirty electricity", with special attention paid to MS. The researcher found that the condition of people with MS significantly improved after installing "Graham/Stetzer filters" that produce a electromagnetically more clean environment. If you are interesting in the filters mentioned above, see also

Dirty Electricity - Five Case Studies.pdf
Case #3: 43-year old female with multiple sclerosis; Ontario, Canada. "Poor power quality (dirty electricity) may exacerbate symptoms for those with MS"

Do You Have Microwave Sickness (MS highlighted).pdf
This document sums up some of the negative biological effects of electromagnetic radiation/fields. I highlighted the effects that I think are especially relevant concerning MS. Also includes a list of scientific references.

Effect of mobile phone radiation on blood-brain barrier.pdf
Another study that supports the hypothesis
that mobile phone radiation increases the permeability of blood-brain barrier.

Microwaves and Nerve Cell Damage.pdf
A (published) study that shows that microwave radiation damages the blood-brain barrier and neuronal tissue in the brain. A leaking blood-brain barrier is an important factor in MS. It is wise to reduce your use of a mobile phone to a minimum.

To get rid of exposure to cell phone frequencies, a hands-free head set can be
worn, which can make it so that you can still use your cell phone, without jeopardizing your health.

Cell phone head sets can be purchased both on-line or off-line to help to get rid of the
problems that could be contributing in a big
way to the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

To learn more about the Q-Link, click on the links below:

How Does Q-Link Work?
Q-Link balances the electromagnetic frequencies of the body, that are disturbed by the frequencies given off by computers, cell phones and other electronic devices we are around every day of the week.

Q-Link Tested by BBC
Q-Link pendant that is worn can balance the body, reduce problems with sleeping and head aches, as well as reduce the growth of yeast, bacteria, viruses. Q-Link also reduces the effects on MS and other health conditions and neuralize the frequencies that our body is bombarded  with each day.

Purchasing a Q-Link
Learn more about how the technology of behind the Q-Link and about how to purchase one. Price varies depending on the material that the Q-link is made from.

Finding ways to reduce or even eliminate
your exposure to the different electromagnetic frequencies given off by the large number of wireless and wired devices, that you are around each day, can dramatically reduce your symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and can make a huge difference in the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, which you may be experiencing.

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