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MS Article or Multiple Sclerosis Article:

Multiple Sclerosis Bladder

Infection or MS UTI

The effects of a Multiple Sclerosis bladder infection or MS UTI can include causing pain when urinating, foul smelling urine, frequently wetting yourself, increased night time incontinence, as well as aggravating many other MS symptoms, including brain fog, confusion, fatigue, insomnia.

Multiple Sclerosis causes the nervous system to short circuit, as well as weakens the immune system, often resulting in bladder infections, which can appear more often, be difficult to get rid of or can be more severe than they would be other wise.

The results of high stress levels can add to the weakening of the immune system of those with Multiple Sclerosis, causing the infections to occur more often and stay for even longer, once they do appear.

Multiple Sclerosis can also cause a problem with the nerves functioning as they should, which can result in either pain or numbness in different parts of the body.

If the bladder retains, instead of draining, the person with Multiple Sclerosis, may need to catheterize to drain the bladder.

Cathetorizing is where a sterile plastic tube is inserted in the bladder and the urine is drained from the bladder by the use of gravity.

Cathetorizing increases the chance of bladder infections to occur, since whenever a foreign object is inserted in the urethra, this can introduce bacteria and other organisms, which cause bladder infections to occur.

If  numbness is present and it ends up in the bladder region, this can cause much more of a problem, when a bladder infection is present.

Often bladder infections or UTIs can cause painful urination, but when MS numbness is present, the lack of feeling can make it so that the typical pain from the presence of a bladder infection is not felt, which can result in the infection becoming much more serious and out of control, adding to making it more difficult to get rid of the bladder infection.

When a bladder infection becomes too severe, it can mean that antibiotics need to be prescribed for a much longer period of time, which can in turn weaken the body's immune system even more, making it that much more difficult for the body to fight off the infection.

At times, bladder infections can also trigger MS relapses for some people, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but this doesn't happens to the majority of people with MS.

Often once the bladder infection is gone, and the immune system has time to recover fully, the MS symptoms calm down instead of contributing to another MS attack.

MS symptoms that can be affected by bladder infections can include:

* Fatigue or extreme Exhaustion

The bladder infections can increase the amount of fatigue that is present.

* Cognitive problems -- can become worse - thinking things through logically, or figuring things out and solving problems can become almost impossible.

* Brain Fog -- feeling like you are in a fog and can't think your way through things.

* Confusion -- this is increased many times when a bladder infection is present.

* Speech problems -- everything can become a word scramble or the bladder infections can cause more problems with slurring your words when you try to talk.

This means that often dyslexia can take over and writing, speaking and interpreting things can become much more difficult.

* Incontinence -- loss of bladder control can become so bad that you starting wetting yourself frequently without having enough warning that you can even attempt to make it to the restroom to empty the bladder.  A severe bladder infection can also cause you to have to empty the bladder much more often.

* vision or eye problems -- are increased; vision can become blurry, out of focus, become dimmer and make it much more difficult to read or even to see.

* bladder pain - bladder infections are typically very painful and the pain can be so much worse for those with MS, because just about any type of pain can cause the nervous system to become over stimulated and add to how intense the nerve pain can become.

* bladder numbness or numbness of urethral canal or urethral opening- if you have numbness instead of bladder pain, the numbness can actually increase when a severe bladder infection is present, which increases your chances of ending up with a much more severe bladder infections, that the pain often signals that you have  the beginning of a bladder infection.

Often antibiotics are prescribed to combat the Multiple Sclerosis bladder infection or MS UTI but if the bladder infections occur more often and much closer together, and you are taking antibiotics for a longer period of time, then you can develop resistance to the antibiotics, to where they begin to no longer work at helping your body to fight off the infections.

The other problem is that antibiotics kill all the bacteria in the body, including the good bacteria or good flora and fauna, that is naturally in your gut, which helps your immune system to work better at fighting off the infections.

Killing off the good flora and fauna, often allows a yeast overgrowth, called candida albicans, to get out of control in your body, which once more than one round of antibiotics are taken, can just aggravate the candida even more.

Alternative Ways for Bladder Infections

One of the alternative ways for combatting the presence of bladder infection is using a frequency generator or what has come to be called a Rife machine.

*  Frequency generator - there a few different type of devices fall under this category, with some differences in functionality and use.

Often they are called "Rife machines" in honor of the doctor, which did the research that this technology is based on.

The devices that fall under this category are FDA approved medical devices, that have many other names and different forms of the device that helps to reduce how severe the bladder infections can become.

I have a frequency generator, which I use that helps most of the time with killing the organisms, which cause most of the bladder infections, which I tend to get.

All living organisms give off signature frequencies, which are unique to that specific organism, kind of like the uniqueness of figure prints for each human being.

If the signature frequency is disrupted or altered in a way that creates an unsuitable environment for the organism to live with, then the organism dies.

This is the basic premise of the frequency generator or Rife machine, which is built around, which is basically how it works.

I have found that using a frequency generator works for killing bladder infections, to a larger degree, than the antibiotics do by themselves, but the right frequency or frquencies need to be chosen to "match" with the organism that is the culprit in causing a particular bladder infection for it to work on that organism.

There are times, where the antibiotics are needed for the more stubborn infections, but I have found, that for me, that it is better for fighting off infections, if the frequency generator is used first, to see if it is working for the current bladder infection, before antibiotics are taken.

Using the antibiotics less often can mean that the antibiotics work more effectively when they are taken for a bladder infection.

Natural Methods for Bladder Infections

Natural methods can also be used to fight back against a Multiple Sclerosis bladder infection or MS UTI, depending on what type of bladder infection that is present.

Natural ways that can be used to combat bladder infections can include:

* Uva Ursi (herb)

This herb is anti-sposmatic and anticeptic in nature and can help to fight off e-coli and other bladder infections.

Since the majority of bladder infections are often caused by an e-coli infection, taking Uva Ursi, at the first sign of a bladder infection can greatly reduce the use of antibiotics, when an e-coli infection is present.

If taking the herb Uva Usi isn't helping with a day or two of taking it, then this usually means that some type of bacteria, other than e-coli, is present and more often than not antibiotics will need to be taken to get rid of the bladder infection.

Preventative Measures for Reducing MS Bladder Infections

* Cranberry Capsules or cranberry juice (no sugar added)

Cranberry juice can be used, from concentrate, but is very sour to drink straight.

Often cranberry juice is mixed with apple juice or other juices to reduce how sour it is, but there are also cranberry juice products sold, that contain sugar, but these should be avoided, when a bladder infection is present.

* D-Mannose powder - this is the active ingredient in cranberries, cranberry juice and cranberry supplement.

D-mannose can be taken by mixing it with water.

Often the D-Mannose can be used in place of drinking cranberry juice, especially if diabetes or candida are present, where consuming the added sugar that is often added to cranberry juice can cause a big problem.

The active ingredient in cranberries makes the bladder wall slippery to prevent the bacteria from taking hold and becoming a bladder infection in the first place.

 * Super Cran Actin -- a combo product containing cranberry.

This is a supplement, which combines cranberry vitamins and herbs, which help to combat bladder infetions, including Uva Usi, Queen of the Meadow, Goldenseal, Juniper, Cornsilk and Blueberry.

If you are allergic to goldenrod or ragweed, it is best to avoid taking products containing Goldenseal.

* Pomegranite

This fruit is more effective than cranberries for preventing bladder infections more often, but it is much more expensive than cranberries, cranberry juice or cranberry supplements.

Pomegranite can be eaten as a the fruit, drunk as a juice or taken as a supplement.

NOTE: All cranberry based products help to minimize or prevent bladder infections, but eating pomegranites, drinking pomegranite juiced or taking pomegranate capsules work better for preventing bladder infectons from setting us as often in the bladder or urinary tract in the first place.

* Cornsilk - this is part of the corn plant, which can help to fight off bladder infections by reducing inflammation and reducing pain.

To make Cornsilk into a tea (using fresh or dried cornsilk):

The general recipe is to place 1/4 cup of fresh cornsilk or 2 teaspoons of dried cornsilk in a mug.

Pour one cup (8 ounces) of boiling water over the cornsilk material and allow to infuse for 5 minutes.

Strain out and discard the solids. Drink the infused liquid as you would tea.

* Horsetail - herb used to fight off bladder infections.

Also keep in mind that to flush out the bacteria from the bladder, more water needs to be drunk each day.

That does not mean drinking huge amounts of water, since this can deplete the electrolytes in the body.

Measuring your daily intake of water can help you to keep track of the amount of water that you drink each day.

It is recommended that you drink half a gallon of water each day, although this can be more of a challenge to do, if you also have more problems with incontinence, which contributes to you wetting yourself more often, but this will help tremendously in reducing the bladder infections and help your body to get rid of them sooner.

Purified water is much better, or you can run your drinking water through filters to remove the majority of toxins from the water that you drink.

Also keep in mind that if you drink coffee or black tea, that you will need to increase the amount of water that you drink too, since coffee and tea act as diuretics, which can dehydrate the body more and increase the demand of the body for the water that is needed to be consumed daily.

Doctors typically prescribe antibiotics for bladder infections, but if the antibiotics are taken for a few months straight, this can actually set up the body for more infections occurring more often.

Multiple Sclerosis can weaken the immune system so much that several bladder infections can occur back to back or multiple bladder infections can be present at the same time, making it more difficult for the doctors to find an antibiotic that will work for fighting against all of the infections at the same time.

Sometimes a vicious cycle can start where the body doesn't recover from one bladder infection totally and then another bladder infection can take over on the heels of the first one.

There can be times where the Multiple Sclerosis bladder infection or MS UTI can set up the body for several infections to occur back to back, which can last for 1 to 6 months at a time.

Any type of infection can influence how out of control the rest of our MS symptoms can become.

Surprisingly, not all of the bladder infections, that those of us with Multiple Sclerosis do end up with, can cause the long list of potential symptoms of MS to flair up and cause MS exacerbations to become much worse than they could be otherwise.

Vitamins to Help Boost Immune System

Vitamins can be taken on a regular basis to help boost the immune to reduce how often the bladder infections appear.

Including these vitamins can help:

* Vitamin D 

Since people, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, tend to be deficient in vitamin D already, along with the malabsorption problems often associated with MS, higher doses of vitamin D are often needed to be taken to boost the immune system to help ward off bladder infections.

There have been studies done, where vitamin D was given to MS patients for various reasons and it was found to help reduce many of the symptoms of MS, as well as reducing the bladder infections.

Typically 5,000 to 10,000 iu of vitamin D are taken daily to boost the immune system, but getting out in the sun more often is much more effective than taking vitamin D supplements.

The skin of the body produces vitamin D naturally, when sunlight shines on the skin.

Getting out in the sunlight for 30 to 60 minutes a few times a week can help tremendously in boosting the vitamin D levels in the body, much better than taking supplements can do.

Also a full spectrum light, like the litebook, can be purchased to help boost the vitamin D levels in the body.

Sitting with the full spectrum light on the skin also helps in increasing vitamin D levels in the body.

* Vitamin C

Taking vitamin C daily can help to fight off many types of infection by boosting the immune system and helping the body's own natural defense mechanisms to fight off the infection much sooner.

Vitamin C can be purchased as a crystalline, powder, capsule or tablet form.

It is much easier to absorb the larger quantities of vitamin C if the ascorbic acid crystalline form is taken and mixed with water or juice to take it.

If vitamin C tends to bother your stomach, you can take a buffered form of vitamin C that is often called Ester-C or calcium-vitamin C.

To determine how much vitamin C your body needs to help to boost the immune system to fight off infections, I gradually increase how much I take until I get close to bowel tolerance (loose stools, but not diarrhea) and then I decrease the amount I'm taking just a little from here.

Vitamin C absorbs better if taken in divided doses throughout the day.  I usually take 5,000 to 7,000 mg 2 to 3 times per day to start with, when I have an infection.

The presence of an infection can increase the amount of vitamin C you body needs, as well as increase the amount of vitamin C that your body can tolerate taking each day.

Vitamin C is often taken until bowel tolerance to determine how much is needed by the body, and then reduced a little to avoid having constant diarrhea.

Vitamin C can also be absorbed from the foods that are eaten each day.

Citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, or grapefruit) contain higher amounts of vitamin C and so do tomatoes, but it can be difficult to eat enough of these types of foods, and supplementation of vitamin C is often needed to increase the amount of vitamtin C in the body.

If all fails, for the very severe bladder infections, that I can't seem to fight off, my doctor does resort to using prescription antibiotics for the bladder infections.  The reasons my doctor minimizes using antibiotics for me is because I develop resistance to the antibiotics if taken too often in a shorter period of time and they don't work when I really need them to work the most.

Because of the MS greatly reducing my immunity at times, Multiple Sclerosis bladder infections or a MS UTI can be a very big problem for me.

I can have such a big problem with bladder infections weakening my immune system that I can get one infection after the other for 4 to 6 months at a time, before my immune system bounces back some and then I don't have a bladder infection again for at least 3 to 6 months.

Boosting immunity can also be accomplished by taking the herbs Echinacea and Astragalus

The one thing you need to keep in mind, when taking Echinacea, is that this herb can only be taken for 2 weeks straight before you will need to take a 2 week break from taking it, so that this can actually help to keep from over stimulating the immune system too much all at one.

If you are tired of taking antibiotics all the time for every bladder infection and with suffering through the effects on the further weakening of the immune system, it might be worth considering trying tuhe herbs first, before asking your doctor about antibiotics, but it is much better if you find a doctor, who will work with you in instructing you to take the herbs, without you doing it on your own.

Herbs need to be monitored more closely, since not all herbs can be tolerated by all peple, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Don't totally avoid antibiotics, for at times, they are necessary for killing off bladder infections, but at least think about trying other methods first to see if the antibiotics can be avoided at times and used when they are most needed for the more severe bladder infections.

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