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MS Article or Multiple Sclerosis Article:

At what  Age Does

Multiple Sclerosis

Tend to Show Up?

MS age or age MS

The onset of Multiple Sclerosis is typically in the late 20s to mid 30s, but this can vary some, based on each of the 4 different types of MS.

The 4 types of MS that are recognized internationally are:

* Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis or Remitting
   Multiple Sclerosis

* Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis or
   Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 

* Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

* Progressive Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

The number of cases of MS that are being diagnosed in more countries around the world are increasing  in how frequently they are appearing and with how severe the symptoms of MS are becoming for each separate case of Multiple Sclerosis.  MS appears in a much higher percentage in more temperate climates or the countries that are located outside of tropical climates, both above and below the equator that have seasonal temperature changes throughout the year.

The countries that are located closer to the equator, where there are very little changes to temperature year round, are considered to be the tropical zone and the countries that are located in these areas appear to have much less of a problem with Multiple Sclerosis than the people who live in countries further north or south from the tropical climates.

The areas outside of the tropical zone have more drastic changes of the temperatures between seasons and periodically throughout the year.  The countries that are located in the areas with the more extreme temperatures for the seasonal changes throughout the year, appear to have a much higher incident rate of Multiple Sclerosis appearing at an increasing rate each year.

Examples of countries that appear to have a higher Multiple Sclerosis incidence rate include the
United States (USA), England, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and many other countries.  The list of countries where more cases of MS are being diagnosed continues to grow as the number of cases of Multiple Sclerosis are are continuing to appear in large numbers in more different countries are appearing to continue to be on the increase, where more and more cases of MS are appearing more often in more countries around the world each year. 

Another area that is also being examined, as a possible hope for those with MS is that of
MS stem cell research.  Stem cell research may be of interest to those with MS since this may be
a potential way in the future to provide a way to help the body to repair the myelin sheath along the spinal cord, which is often damaged by MS.

Stem cell research is still in its infancy within the United States (USA), since it was not funded or encouraged much within the USA
until recently. President Obama has recently signed into law that more federal funding with be released for allowing for more stem cell research in the United States, but the funds
will take some time for them to reach those that are performing the research within the United States.

Stem cell research is an ongoing research, that is being done in several countries around the world. Stem cell research has been pursued much more in countries around the world, outside of the United States (USA), although it still has quite a long way to go before it can actually become a realistic and more common method of helping to repair the damage to the myelin sheath of the spinal cord and to other damaged nerves throughout the body, which can often result from MS scarring.

The Multiple Sclerosis causes are not totally known or understood.  In spite of this, there appears to be a pattern that is emerging, which makes it appear that the more industrialized countries, which have and operate more chemical plants and other manufacturing industries that use chemicals in their manufacturing process, to have a more dramatic increase in the rate of Multiple Sclerosis appearing to be diagnosed in these countries.  It also appears that the frequency and severity of the cases of Multiple Sclerosis is worse in the industrialized countries around the world.

This may also present a possible link in determining what can actually contribute to increasing or maybe even be one of the many causes of MS.  This is not a definite conclusion, but it is a curious observation that may warrant further investigation in the future.

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