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Diane Delap

Arthur of " Taming Multiple Sclerosis,
Using Alte
rnative and Natural Ways to Reduce
the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis "

Diane has been battling, herself, with a severe case of Multiple Sclerosis for
11 years.  She understands how devastating the affects of Multiple Sclerosis
can be on your health and on everything that you are able to do on a daily
basis. Even the things that we often take for granted that we can do to
take care of ourselves and our families each day can be affected, so that our
abilities to function are reduced, or maybe even taken away from us. 

Multiple Sclerosis doesn't just affect the lives of those who have been diagnosed with it, MS also affects everyone involved in our lives, including our families, our friends, our co-workers and anyone else that may touch our lives in some way.

Diane was able to work a full time job, to drive, be independent and be able to enjoy life how ever she wanted to before Multiple Sclerosis entered her life. After Diane was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, much of this was just taken away and the doctors didn't give her much hope in her condition improving.  But through her own battle with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, and by the "trial and error" approach Diane has found Alternative and Natural ways that have helped to reduce her symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis that have allowed her to return to doing things that Multiple Sclerosis had totally removed from her life, for a period of time.

The doctors have verified through more recent test results that Diane has dramatically improved from the severe symptoms that she initially struggled with when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Although Diane still battles with some symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, her condition has been and is still improving.

Diane would like to help you too.  Those that battle themselves with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis can find relief to not only make life more tolerable, but to help you to return to more of the daily activities that you enjoyed, before Multiple Sclerosis changed your life.

Below is one of Diane's favorite sayings, that summarizes her way of viewing her own battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

“ There are two overall competing ways of viewing maintaining good health and the human body.

In the one way of thinking, the discussions include talking about diagnosing diseases through using treatments to manage or minimize symptoms.  In this way of thinking, those who follow this view also talk about how to prevent, reverse or cure debilitating diseases.

In the other way of thinking, the focus is more on balancing and reawakening the natural functioning of our bodies, in an effort to return the body to its original point of full functionality.  Nature has a way of helping in this process.

In reality, if we can find a way to give the body what it needs, it will heal, restore and repair itself. ”

                                                                                         -- Anonymous

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