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MS Article

How Alternative and Natural ways

Helped to Reduce my initial Symptoms

of Multiple Sclerosis

Alternative and Natural ways have helped reduce my MS Symptoms in the following ways: 

* Reducing Infections - I don't get infections as often and I'm able to fight off and recover from infections more quickly.   Boosting how well the Multiple Sclerosis Immune System responds for fighting off infections does help with how frequent and how severe the infections can become.

Reduces Spasticity, tremors and ticks to a large degree - MS spasms and ms tremors are a fairly common symptoms of most cases of MS.  After I was given the Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, I had very severe spasms that were so bad they threatened to throw me on the floor with very little warning that they were coming.

The MS spasticity has reduced to the point that I could go for several weeks without the ms leg spasms, but I do have some spasms still occasionally.

* Hand strength and Use of Hands much better - Multiple Sclerosis hand problems included difficult to  pick things up, dropping things often, difficulty with hand control (I could not hold onto or control using a spoon or fork to feed myself).  When I was first diagnosed with MS, my hands did not function much at all, but this is much less of a problem now than it was before.  The ms hand problems only appear a little occasionally from time to time.  My hands work much better than they did initially.

* Stamina and endurance have returned and fatigue has been reduced - when I was first diagnosed, I had a large amount of MS fatigue and I had very little stamina and endurance.  I would become so exhausted when ever I tried to do anything on my own and because of this and other MS symptoms, there were many thing that I could not do at all after I was first diagnosed with MS.

The Multiple Sclerosis fatigue was so overwhelming initially to the point where I could barely function at the beginning of my battle with MS.  

* Insomnia greatly reduced - I had such a big problem with multiple sclerosis insomnia within the first 2 years of when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I was sleeping only 4 hours a day and that was on a good day. More often, I would have 2 or 3 days in a row where I could not go to sleep, in spite of how physically exhausted I was at that at that point. The severe insomnia is totally gone at this point.  I still have a little insomnia off and on, but on these days, I have found ways to reduce this problem too.

* Weakness on one side of body greatly reduced - when I was first MS diagnosis, it appeared like I had a stroke at first because I had so much Multiple Sclerosis weakness that was so severe that the side that was affected functioned very little at first, which resulted in a lack of control on one whole side of my body. This has been reducing very much through  using Alternative and Natural ways that we have found that really help.

* Scarring on Upper spine disappeared -- the neurologist verified this by redoing the Multiple Sclerosis MRI tests within the last year and it verified that the initial major scarring that was originally found on my upper spine is totally gone! Although the neurologist told me that I still have a little scarring in the brain, we recently found something that can help to address this problem next.

* Nerve damage in foot and leg greatly reduced - Multiple Sclerosis nerve damage is often present around the time of MS diagnosis.  The nerve damage can often disrupt the function of our nerves throughout our bodies that can cause many parts of our bodies not to function as they should.  MS foot,ms ankle, ms leg and ms foot problems are a few of the parts of the body that can be affected by the damage that can more often result from Multiple Sclerosis. 

Initially, after I was diagnosed with MS, I was told that I had nerve damage in my right foot, leg and ankle.  The doctors and physical therapists observed that I had a very difficult time picking up my right foot to take a step and my foot actually turned sideways whenever I did manage to move it at all when trying to take a step. This is called foot drop, when there is loss of control of the foot and it is called cloness, when the foot turns sideways when the person tried to take a step.

Control of my foot has returned most of the way and my foot turning sideways (cloneness) is totally gone!   I still have some problems with picking up my foot, when I have an infection (infections tend to make my whole nervous system short circuit and cause my remaining MS symptoms to go crazy), but most of the time I can pick up both feet and I have much better control over them, than I did initially, after I was first diagnosed with MS.

After I was first diagnosed with MS muscle strength was something that I had lost much of through out my body. My muscle strength has returned most of the way, except for certain muscle groups in my legs, but my neurologist is intending on sending me for intense MS physical therapy within a few months and he thinks that this will help strengthen the muscles that are still too weak and help me to function more again.  My neurologist  told me that intense physical therapy can possibly help me to be able to walk again, at least with a walker.

If  I also continue with using the Alternative and Natural ways that we have found that I have been using this will continue with helping to reduce my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms more and more.

* Standing is becoming easier again - I totally lost the ability to stand at one point as my case of MS worsened before, but we found Alternative and Natural ways that are helping to  return my ability to stand again!

My neurologist is very encouraged by all of the improvement that he has seen with my recovery, from a neurological view and since he is also planning on sending me for intense Multiple Sclerosis physical therapy next he thinks that I have a good chance of getting my ability to walk back again!

* Reduced Vision problems - my vision has been doing much better most days. MS Vision problems that I had more extreme problems with when I was first diagnosed with MS included blurry and out of focus vision, everything looked very dim to me, like there wasn't enough light on in the room for me to see, even when the lights were very bright in the room that I was in.  I have had much less problems with my vision, which for me is a very good thing, since I read large amounts both on line and off line on a regular basis.

* Eye Pain - for me the multiple sclerosis eye pain this is totally gone!

* Reduced Hand function problems - Initially, I had such a big problem with my hands that there was very little that I could do with my hands.  After I was diagnosed with MS, my hands barely functioning for 4 months. Multiple Sclerosis hand problems that I was experiencing included difficulty picking things up without dropping them on the floor, could not use a spoon or fork to feed myself (so I had to eat everything with my hands and even that was very difficult), I could not write, I could not cut anything with a knife and I could no longer cook (and I like to cook).  These extreme hand problems are gone!

I still have a few days that it is a little harder for me to do certain things, but these symptoms of MS are much less of a problem than they were before I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

* Overheating most of the time is gone - after I was first diagnosed with MS I continuously felt like I was on fire because the MS overheating was almost unbearable most of the time.  But that is gone and I don't over react to heat like I did before, now I can actually feel chilly at times when, before I never felt cold during cold weather.

* Intolerance to heat and humidity gone - the initial severe problem that I had with over reacting to heat and humidity are totally gone.  I have a small problem with Multiple Sclerosis heat sensitivity only when I have certain types of infections (when I'm running a fever), but other than the Multiple Sclerosis humidity over sensitivity is totally gone!  

* Cognitive problems reduced - Initially, it was very difficult for me because I had so many Multiple Sclerosis cognitive problems that I could barely function at all. My cognitive problems included scrambling everything, not totally connecting with my surroundings, difficulty understanding what other people were trying to explain to me, difficulty forming sentences, along with other symptoms initially because of the adverse effects of Multiple Sclerosis on my brain function.

My ability to think straight, figure things our and connect with my surroundings, among other things, have greatly improved using Alternative and Natural ways.  I do still have a little scarring in the brain, but I recently found some ways to help to reduce this problem too.  That is the next step for me to take.

* Extreme Fatigue gone - I was sleeping 10 to 14 hours a day initially and was so exhausted all of the time that I didn't function.  But the extreme Multiple Sclerosis fatigue is gone now! I have some mild fatigue off and on still, but it isn't as severe as when I was first diagnosed.

* Memory problems much less - the memories that went away after I was first diagnosed with MS are returning!

I still have some temporary Multiple Sclerosis memory problems that come and go when I have an infection or when I have some problems with insomnia off and on, but my memory problems are much less of a problem than before.

* Bladder control problems reduced - incontinence problems reduced. At first my bladder retained instead of draining and I
would also have no control where I would wet myself frequently.  My bladder is draining more on its own and I have much less problem wetting myself.  This isn't totally corrected yet, but it's much better than it was.

I have been told by medical doctors that ms bladder function problems are a result of brain signal problems. 

There are so many more ways that we have found that the Alternative and Natural ways that we have found have helped us to Reduce our symptoms of MS and to restore our ability to function again.

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